• The client will provide creative Content, i.e., articles, blogs, news, white paper, press releases, videos, infographics, graphics, brochures, presentations, etc.
  • Creative Content can include but not be limited to: Messages, headlines, taglines, CTAs, copy blocks, white paper, press releases, slide shares, scripts, videos, infographics, diagrams, illustrations, ad copy, banners, Social Media content, and graphic design. Cost is per piece with estimates provided in advance and will require client approval.
  • Should the project exceed the number of features allocated in the agreement with the client because of additional requested work by the client (beyond the services contemplated herein), a flat feature rate of our professional service fee will be billed at an hourly rate as per the agreement with the client. IndiWork will notify the client when they request work that lies outside this scope of work and will provide the client with a separate time/cost estimate for their review and approval.
  • Client shall retain ownership of all Content and materials provided to IndiWork hereunder. The client takes full responsibility for any content (including, without limitations, graphics, audio, copy text, video, and images) provided to IndiWork for use in this project. Client represents and warrants that it has full rights to use all Content and materials provided. Client indemnifies and holds IndiWork harmless from all damages, costs, and expenses.
  • The timeline is planned based on the scope and specifications documents, a review of the current version of the website, and discussions. This timeline might be affected if there are delayed responses from the client for information, feedback, or additional requests. IndiWork will do its best to complete the project in the specified time. IndiWork will not be liable for any particular, incidental, indirect, or consequential delays or damages whatsoever damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, or any other pecuniary loss) arising out of the services provided.
  • The advertising budget is jointly determined during the digital strategy phase and finalized before activation.
  • The client will be responsible for paying the expenses of any resources they request IndiWork to purchase, such as stock photos, videos, audio files, third-party licenses, domains, hosting plans or other media assets, press release publications, etc. The client may purchase these items directly and provide them to IndiWork for use on their project. The client will reimburse IndiWork for additional expenses, including travel, copying, duplicating, shipping, and postage.
  • Most of our agreements are for one year, with the ability to cancel anytime with sixty days prior written notice.
  • Invoices are due upon receipt unless otherwise stated. Accounts over ten days past due are subject to finance charges accrued per month on the outstanding balance.